Autoklina Engine cleaner, also known as engine flush, is a chemical additive specially designed to clean accumulated deposits and sludge from your car. For new cars, an engine flush can be extremely beneficial if you notice oil splatter in the compartment bay or exterior of the car. You can use this cleaner by pouring it into the engine’s oil-filler port and idling the engine for 10 to 20 minutes max. AUtokilna engine flush will mix with the oil so it can circulate through the entire engine.

How Often Should You Clean Your Engine?
Many car mechanics and dealers will instruct you to use an engine cleaner every 3,000 to 8,000 miles however, modern engines are fairly competent at keeping sludge at bay. It’s recommended to do a full engine flush at around 35,000 miles.

It’s important to note that cars older than 8 years or over 150,000 may not need their engine cleaned because the buildup can be beneficial. Always do your research on your car’s make and engine type before using an engine degreaser.

Using Autoklina Engine Cleaner helps in Keeping your car’s engine clean and can be beneficial if you want to:

Spot leaks, cracks, or other problems you may encounter in the future.
Remove road salt and debris that can lead to corrosion.
Prevent combustion and other fire hazards.
Easily work on the engine yourself.
Be able to sell your vehicle at an increased value.