The polycarbonate plastic headlight lens on your car or truck degrades from the moment it leaves the factory. Air pollution, airborne grit, and ultraviolet light take the shine off and then discolor the lens. After only a few short years, a haze develops across it. Fortunately, lens-renewal products–boxed kits consisting of abrasives that grind off the yellowed layer and smooth out scratches–are fast and easy to use. Some also contain a UV-resistant coating that you wipe or spray on.

Autoklina headlight leaves your headlight clearer and newer-looking than any of the others. Be warned: It was also the most time-consuming process. All you need is a clean towel and a hose for this one, everything else is provided in the box for you. The tested light showed a massive improvement over the cloudiness from the beginning, with the only downside being a long four-plus hour waiting period for the UV protection to take effect. Sylvania offers a lifetime warranty claiming that your lights will stay clear for the life of the car with its kit.

Autoklina Headlight Cleaner

Remove scratches

Restore cloudy, dull lenses

Help maintain the overall value of your vehicle

Maintain functionality and performance and increase visibility

Provide safety

Allows you to pass your state inspection

Boost the appearance of your vehicle while saving you money by not having to purchase a new headlight

Saves you money by avoiding headlight installation costs and allows you to keep the original headlights

These benefits show how important and cost-efficient headlight restoration is. Headlight restoration is an important part of keeping your car looking great but most of all keeping you safe!