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Physical Check-up Solution

PreBog Haus Limited has different services we provide regarding our Ultrasonic Physical Check-up Machines as below.


We Distribute – We sell outright our models of coin or note operated ultrasonic physical check-up machines and provide  excellent after-sales technical support and maintenance.


We Rent or Give Out for Hiring – We rent or hire our equipment to organizations, groups or individuals for use for short or long period. This can be for an event, vending business, for staff or members of an organization for a period.


Joint Venture Partnership – We also form joint partnerships with organizations and individuals owning a places where people traffic is very high and can guarantee a minimum of users per month. In this situation we share the proceeds of the revenue generated by 70% for us to 30% for the partner.


We Operate these machines too – So in effect any organization can invite us to come and install our device during their events or just for screening purposes. We also constantly look for locations  where we can install our machines for vending purposes.


We Provide After-Sale Technical Service and Maintenance – We know technical support and maintenance is the most important single factor after purchasing such devices and we therefore, assure you of an excellent after-sales technical support and maintenance to take away your headaches regarding maintenance.


Office Hand Hygiene: Healthy Hands Create a Healthy, Productive Work Environment Hundreds a day, a simple touch can spread germs that may cause illness to meeting rooms, doors, elevator buttons…and ultimately co-workers and visitors. When germs spread, illness can take a toll on performance due to absenteeism, presenteeism – which is when sick employees struggle to work but pass on their germs to colleagues resulting in more employees falling ill and increasing lost in productivity.

PreBog Haus® has comprehensive touchless hand hygiene dispenser solution for office buildings based on insights and research with the professionals in business.